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An animated '' showing it's for lending and in the .com top level domain.

Why LOANER.COM is such a good domain name:
LOANER.COM is short, ends with .com, and lends itself to a variety of businesses. Much like Google, Loaner is only six letters long. Short domain names increase sales by being easier for customers to remember, share, type and ultimately find. LOANER.COM can save advertising expenses and increase sales.
LOANER.COM has no confusing acronyms or dashes. LOANER.COM ends with the popular .com, so customers are more likely to find it. The internet is growing, and there's only one LOANER.COM, so it may be an investment that appreciates in value over time.
The following businesses might improve sales and cut advertising expenses by buying LOANER.COM:
car rental agencies home loans car repair shops that let customers borrow cars while theirs are being fixed
banks mortgage companies car loans
college loans credit bicycle rentals
computer rentals laptop and notebook computer rentals short term vehicle rentals
phone companies that provide loaner phones tool rentals lending virtual goods

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